Edge of a Fantasy and Other Poems

Edge of a Fantasy and Other Poems is a book of approximately fifty poems written in English and Spanish side by side in a bilingual format.

ISBN 13 (SOFT): 9781984556103
ISBN 13 (HARD): 9781984556110
ISBN 13 (eBook): 9781984556097


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Edge of a Fantasy and Other Poems


Pacific Book Review

Gil Saenz’s Edge of a Fantasy and Other Poems achieves a diverse collection of prolific expressions of emotions, imagination and earnest musings which do well to elicit thought as well as emotion. As his sixth published poetic work, this assemblage does not fail to make the all-important connection which easily draws the reader into the world of his psyche.

As a whole, this poetic collection comprises a vast variety of inner reflections, both lucid in expression and stimulating in depiction. Stocked with one hundred poems, what is especially engaging about this work is that it is presented in a bilingual format, which smartly allows it to reach and entertain a far vaster readership. Each poetic composition appears firstly as the English version and then the Spanish version follows consecutively, however, no matter which language the poems appear in, they still resonate artfully with a soulful authenticity.

Furthermore, each poem earnestly brings into focus a personal musing within which author Gil Saenz capably and creatively reflects on experiences and emotions that include a vast variety of eclectic topics fluently embracing some common elements life;
love, sunrises, music and happiness, as well as several other unexpected topics such as Vagabonds, Rainbows, Meditation, Time Tercets, and Lavender. Although the overall collection of poetic work made for a tremendously stimulating read there were some poems that I personally found to be both stunning and poignant. Firstly, my absolute favorite is Word Weaver, while the title speaks for itself the poem would resonate deeply with other writers. Also, likewise for Poetry Man and The Poet, these poems come across as somewhat biographical in nature. Some other poems that I particularly enjoyed were; A Star, Rose Twilight, Human Struggles, Mister Robin, Childhood Memories, and the title work, Edge of a Fantasy.

All things considered, I enjoyed Edge of a Fantasy and other Poems. Overall, the combined poetic works in the book made a good read and left a solid impression as a multi-faceted poetry compilation. Also, when it comes to poetry collections, some books can be a tome-like and filled with superfluous wordy text, this book instead has the poems succinct, delving, and vividly expressing of the artistic mind of author Gil Saenz. I enjoyed sharing the journey through his individuality. I was solidly engaged from the outset of this work, ably drawn into this read which I found brimming with creative, intimate reflections that are sure to please fans of poetry of any age.


The US Review of Books

book review by Michael Radon

“Poetry man, your destiny has already been ordained. You were meant to be a teacher, a consummate storyteller, otherworldly and mundane.”

In this latest compilation of poetry from Saenz, fifty poems about love, hope, peace, nature, and meditation are collected for the reader’s enjoyment. Each of these poems is printed in a side-by-side nature, with the original English on the left and a Spanish version translated by both the author and his brother (who holds a doctorate in foreign language education) to ensure that the meaning and detail intended is not lost in translation. The overall themes of this collection are tranquil and reflective, even with titles like “Vagabonds” and “Human Struggles.” Finding beauty in every moment and circumstance, Saenz captures these moments of peace and frames them in contemplative thought to share with the reader.

With a refined style and calm perspective, the poet transports readers to each scene and location, leaving them to feel their troubles melt away. The built-in bilingualism of this book is certainly a notable feature considering that each language occupies half of the pages. Because of the expert nature of the translation, students and teachers of Spanish (or English) can be confident that care was taken as it relates to word choice and the emotional impact of the poem, as these are crucial components of any piece of poetry. The poems themselves are brief, tightly composed and structured, and just as conducive to a binge of emotions and imagery as they are for isolated and prolonged enjoyment. Considering the author’s 25 years of experience as a published poet, it’s easy to appreciate how each page, each line is expertly rendered for maximum effect, and readers will feel the fullness of his expressions even as each poem occupies only a page at a time.

Edge of a Fantasy and Other Poems

Edge of a Fantasy and Other Poems